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Mother’s Day 2024: Dr. Akanksha Loomba talks about balancing her demanding profession with parenting responsibilities

Renowned gynecologist Dr. Akanksha Loomba shares her insights on balancing a demanding profession with parenting responsibilities on Mother’s Day 2024

On Mother’s Day 2024, we at Kanpurwants spoke to one of the most renowned gynecologist in Kanpur, Dr. Akanksha Loomba to get an insight into how she juggles between such a hectic and demanding profession and being a devoted mother.

Q. Would you rather be called a ‘working mother’ or a working parent considering we don’t label men as ‘working dads’?

A. I would rather call ourselves ‘working parents’ as me and my husband, both have been working since we became parents! Though, I personally feel mothers play a more imp role in nurturing a baby from the day the child is born, or I must say, from the time a baby is conceived. Hence, the celebration of ‘Mother’s Day’ worldwide is more popular. We label our surroundings as ‘mother nature’ & even our country as “’mother India’ because a mother’s love is more nurturing & pure. But yes, fathers also play a very imp role in the child’s upbringing!

Q. Are there any skills you picked up from being a mother that have translated into becoming a better businesswoman?

A. Being a mother has taught me to be a more patient, tolerant and compassionate person along with excellent multi-tasking skills. These qualities have helped me shape up into a better businesswoman.

Q. What do you find most challenging about being a mom-preneur?

A. The most challenging situation about being a mom-preneur is the narrow line between your work place and your home. Being a doctor, I have no line drawn that yes, now I’m a doctor only and from this time, I’m a mom only. I have to be both all the time which does create chaos and confusion many times. You generally try to manage your child to fulfill your duties as a mom-preneur (as your patients/clients might not understand your limitations) but your children revolt, and that is where your challenges start!

Q. What is the best parenting advice to give to mothers in business?

A. The best parenting advice to mothers in business is to balance their lives and do time management”. You can’t be a ‘Superwoman’ but yes, you can learn to make a time table & prioritize your engagements.

Q. Do you ever feel the working mother’s guilt? How do you draw a line between that and being a goal driven businesswoman?

A. Yes, I have quite often felt guilty as a working mother, especially times when I had to leave my child with the maid or other family members, even when she needed me the most, just to fulfill my duties. Actually, being a doctor makes your situation trickier as you are dealing with a patient’s health. So, you have to prioritize the more critical situation first. But you have to draw a line between your duties as a mother and as a businesswoman. You should try and be there for your child in their dire needs and emotional support as a child has that cord-connect with her mother and only a mother’s touch, tender love and care is sufficient to solve his/her problems. I’m thankful to God that I could manage both the fronts gracefully and my daughter, though we had tough times (as everyone has), was a very independent child since childhood and as she became mature, she gave me my working space happily. But I’m always there for her whenever she needs me.

Q. What qualities of yours would you like your children to imbibe?

A. I always prayed to a God to keep me grounded, no matter how high I might fly, and so, this is what I want my child to imbibe.

‘God couldn’t be everywhere so he created a mother.’ This Mother’s Day and every other, let’s appreciate their love, care and selflessness a little more and continue to do it always.

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